About Me

Mita Bhan

Twenty years ago when I was a newbie seeker, I met an enlightened Master who told me that one of my life’s missions was  to work as an intuitive healer-communicator and help others heal and find happiness. I was stumped. What on earth could I do for others when I needed healing and happiness inside me? He guided me to go meditate and study and find all the answers I needed.  Happiness was an inside job, and the more peace I would make with myself, the more joy I would discover in helping others find a little peace.

It still seemed unbelievable but I listened, and along the way met gifted teachers, guides and mentors from all over the world who taught me how to heal,  to tap into my clairvoyance and decode the insights I received in meditation and with my deck of Tarot cards.

And somewhere along the way I fell  more in love. With God. With the Universe. With the infinite secrets and beauty of all our souls. With the Tarot cards. With healing crystals. With reading and writing, speaking and teaching. With sharing what I sensed and saw and understood.With giving back to the environment and the animals with my earnings. With the realisation that the enlightened Master was right.

I do not claim to know all the answers. But I do know I have the ability to connect, read and heal the energies of others. We are all masters of our own destiny and my role is to help you discover your potential and find a little peace and healing.

Allow me to read your Tarot cards or help you heal with meditation.


Educational qualifications


PG Diploma Indian Institute of Mass Communications New Delhi India

BA Pol Sc Hons Lady Shri Ram College New Delhi India

Certified Tarot Master, Tarot Guild USA, TCBA USA

Certified Reiki Master Level IIIA – Usui

Certified Magnified Healer

Certified Animal Communicator & Nature Healer – Singapore

Certified Crystal Medicine Practitioner

Certified Crystal Astrologer

Diploma in Counselling Psychology


Awards and Media




“Mita, I love your Monthly Tarot Forecasts. I feel they are talking directly to me.”

D J, New York

“Mita Bhan is an extremely gifted person. She provides with lots of positivity and hope and always calms me down whenever I have faced personal challenges in my life.”

R S, Gurgaon

“Priceless words of wisdom.”

M M, Singapore

“Guided Healing Meditation with Mita was the best thing I needed. It CLEARED my mind and brought PEACE in my heart and soul. THANK YOU. LOVE YOU.”

S D, Malaysia

“Very informative and interactive, I will return for Mita’s next workshop.”


“Highly accurate, warm and wise.” 

J K, Dubai

“Mita has been a blessing for me. Readings with her bring such clarity, which empowers me to make right choices. She is intuitive, kind, very compassionate and loving person. Readings are so precise and exact that you will wonder how she knew! I recommend a session with her if you are seeking answers and want to steer your life in the best possible direction for your growth. Wish her more power and light.”

G S, Jaipur

“Thank you a million times for guiding me with your insights with help of your tarot cards and also your intuition about human behavior. I feel obliged and indebted to you for changing my life forever and ever. Yes!!! It has changed for the better. It has given me so many answers about so many things in my life. Going forward I will be better prepared to face emotional drama and turmoil in my life :-)”

M A, Mumbai