Aquarius March 2020 Tarot Forecast

JAN 20 - FEB 18

Tarot Forecast for March 2020

There may be a lot to do but if you’re going to get overwhelmed how will you do it? Approach work in a step by step manner and remember, one day at a time. Family pressures may increase and you may feel like running away. Just slow down and calm yourself. Remember obstacles are placed in front of you to test your mettle, and you will pass with flying colours. Don’t listen to anyone who says you cant do it. Just believe in yourself and keep going forward.

Previous Month’s Forecast:

Trust becomes the issue of the month for Aquarians. Be it trusting your gut, or learning to trust again in your relationships. With this card expect a number of incidents cropping up in your life based around the issue of trust. And remember while you’re trying to figure out who can you trust and how much, the Universe trusts that you will make the right choice and do the right thing. Believe in yourself, listen to your inner voice. If you feel someone doesn’t quite appear what they seem, or is promising a little too much, listen to your gut. Singles and couples may find differences of opinion with their loved ones getting too much to bear and the cards guide you to take a break and look at things objectively for a bit. Be careful in financial dealings, don’t let anyone sweet talk you with promises.

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