Aries March 2020 Tarot Forecast

MAR 21 - APR 19

Tarot Forecast for March 2020

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You may be denying something that’s obvious to everyone else. Pay attention to your critics – something needs changing within you and it’s about time you paid attention to the signs and signals. Travel plans may get delayed but you are going for sure, just not now. A work opportunity may open your mind to a completely different way of doing things or a whole new philosophy. Even though you are a busy bee, don’t skip meals as there may be signs of exhaustion and stress that are building up.

Previous Month’s Forecast:

It’s all about compromise this month- giving in is essential to any relationship, and though at times it may appear to be a difficult pill to swallow, it helps a relationship to grow. You may find that you need to open your mind to changes around you. Confront your own difficulties Steer clear of malicious gossip and power plays both at work and in your personal life. Watch your temper, before you attack others, consider the consequences of your actions. Someone may treat you unfairly but it would be pointless to speak up at this point. Lie low, listen to the others perspective and understand that this is only temporary.

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