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August 19, 2018by mitabhan0

Rescue officials assist villagers out of a flooded area, following heavy monsoon rainfall, near Kochi. (Image: PTI)

There are countless ways to help. Social media is full of links and forwards available for those who want to contribute in kind, online or make a bank transfer.

Amazon Care has been tried and trusted. This morning I received an SMS saying that the donations we sent had reached their NGOs. Which was such a relief to read.  I’ve written to them requesting that they add an NGO for Animal Relief Work in Kerala as well.

Will update.


UPDATE – For those who want to donate for the multiple animal rescue work taking place in Kerala here’s another tried and tested link.…/…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_ws_hLwEBb8YTTRTD

Blue Cross of India will be travelling to Kerala in a couple of days and requires the following medicines and equipment for the animals affected by the flood. Blue Cross is a very established NGO in Chennai for animals, and have many happy memories of visiting their shelter when we lived in Chennai.

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