Cancer February 2020 Tarot Forecast

JUN 21 - JUL 22

Tarot Forecast for February 2020

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Time to take stock. Pause and look back at your achievements and your goals. Re-evaluate your life and let go of relationships and situations that no longer help your growth. Rethink your plans and prioritise your life accordingly. A good time to ask yourself how much satisfaction are you getting out of your education, career and relationships and make the necessary changes required to improve things. Singles may find a friend disclosing feelings for you, and married couples may renew bonds of commitment and love. A time for positive, constructive change, realize that if you want happiness it may be time to modify and readapt, give up or walk away. What stops you?

Previous Month’s Forecast:

Rise up from disappointments and start afresh. Leave the past disappointments behind. The worst is over and things can only get better when you make positive thinking a daily practice. A hidden blessing will be revealed. An old friendship may be rekindled. You may find yourself drawn to spiritual and artistic pursuits. And if you’re planning to think about settling down, starting a business or even pursuing a course of study, this month is favourable for long term success.

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