Gemini December 2019 Tarot Forecast

MAY 21 - JUNE 20

Tarot Forecast for December 2019

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Curb your impulses. Look before you leap. Think before you speak. Misunderstandings may crop up because you didn’t pause to think about the consequences. At work you shine and people recognise your brilliance. Self employed Geminis can expect more enquiries and income in the months ahead. However in your quest to rise to the top remember to thank all the people who got you where you are. Gratitude brings blessings and humility. And the more you pay it forward the better your world will be.

Previous Month’s Forecast:

Boredom and restless energies start creeping when you realise you are not tapping fully into your true potential. A quiet voice inside you keeps telling you that you should be doing something else, something more, to find absolute fulfillment. And unless and until you make peace with that side of you, you may start feeling trapped by circumstances. Stop blaming others and see what needs to change within you. Workwise a good month to make your mark, you attract new business and start making an impact in new circles. Go with the flow and be regular with your meditation. An opportunity may come your way to reach out to a larger market or audience

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